GREEN WAY Aviary for laying hens: Innovation and versatility in poultry farming.

In the competitive world of poultry farming, the welfare of the birds and the efficiency of production are crucial. This is where the GREEN WAY aviary makes a difference, establishing itself as a leading solution for laying hen breeders. Thanks to its innovative design, GREEN WAY offers unprecedented adaptability, ensuring maximum bird housing capacity without compromising their comfort or safety.

Total versatility.

The core of the GREEN WAY aviary lies in its flexibility. Designed to adapt to any shed dimension, this system adjusts to the specific needs of each project, allowing for a customized configuration that optimizes space and enhances operational efficiency.

Key features.

    • Ground-level inspection: Facilitates supervision and maintenance, ensuring a healthy environment for the birds.
    • Two nesting levels: Increases housing capacity and provides a comfortable space for egg laying.
    • Centralized laying: 100% of the eggs are collected on the same central conveyor, simplifying collection and reducing labor.
    • Resources at every level: Water, feed, and nests accessible at all levels, ensuring the well-being and comfort of the hens at all times.

Available models.

The GREEN WAY system is available in various configurations to meet diverse needs and production scales:

    • GREEN WAY 24 and 24 MAX: Ideal for medium-sized facilities, offering excellent housing density without sacrificing access or comfort.
    • GREEN WAY 30 and 30 MAX: Perfect for larger operations, these models maximize housing capacity and productive efficiency.

The GREEN WAY aviary not only represents a housing solution for laying hens but also reflects a commitment to innovation and animal welfare in modern poultry farming. Its versatile design and advanced features position it as a preferred option for breeders looking to optimize their operations and ensure a sustainable and ethical egg production.

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