Modern Aquaculture.

Productive seas and rivers.


Aquaculture, that branch of agriculture that delves into aquatic depths, offers us a window into an underwater universe filled with wonders and potentialities. Since time immemorial, humans have felt an intimate connection with bodies of water and their inhabitants, and it is through aquaculture that we have learned to cultivate and care for this vital resource.

Aquaculture is not just about fish farming. It’s a vast and diverse spectrum that encompasses the production of freshwater and marine aquatic organisms: from the imposing salmon, which migrates against currents to reproduce, to the mysterious oysters that filter and purify the water in which they live.

Each article you’ll find here will take you to a different corner of this vast domain. You’ll travel to the cold waters of Norway, where fish farming techniques have been perfected over generations. You’ll descend to the seaweed farms of Asia, where these plants are valued not only for their nutritional properties but also for their medicinal potential. And we can’t forget the wonderful shrimp farms and other crustaceans that stretch from Latin America to the coasts of Asia.

However, aquaculture is not without its challenges. Sustainability issues, diseases, and climate change threaten the long-term viability of many aquacultural practices. That’s why we’ll also focus on the innovations and solutions that seek to address these challenges, ensuring that aquaculture can continue to feed the world responsibly.