Combi Barn System: Innovation at the Service of Poultry Farming

The Combi Barn aviary system, developed by Salmet, represents an advanced and versatile solution for cage-free bird rearing, positioning itself as one of the most innovative options in the current poultry market. This system has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of both poultry producers and the birds themselves, ensuring an optimal and highly efficient environment. Offering multiple advantages, the Combi Barn adapts to various configurations and barn requirements, providing flexibility and ease of management that translate into more efficient and profitable poultry production.

Advantages of the combi Barn system.

The Combi Barn system stands out for its high flexibility and ease of management. The main advantages include:

    • Versatile combinations: Allows different combinations, optimizing the use of the poultry barn.
    • High nest acceptance: Designed to ensure the maximum number of sellable eggs.
    • Easy access: Birds have easy access to nests, water, feed, perches, and slatted areas.
    • Perfect overview: The system design facilitates complete barn supervision.
    • Long lifespan: Built to last, with high-quality materials.

Design and functionality.

The Combi Barn system is modular, available in 2-3 heights, and consists of a combination of nest rows and slats that can be arranged to suit specific barn needs. This robust and practical system is designed for easy installation, offering an accessible and comfortable environment for the birds.

    • High densities: Allows a density of up to 18 birds per square meter.
    • Egg protection: Eggs roll smoothly onto the central belt, which adequately protects them.
    • Easy cleaning: The back wall of the nest and the floor structure can be removed for thorough cleaning.

Comfort and health of the birds.

The low height of the systems allows a complete view of the barn, making them ideal for installations with ceilings of 2.4 meters. The galvanized wire floor provides total support and comfort for the birds. Additionally, the manure collection belts under each level help maintain a healthy environment.

Customizable options.

The Combi Barn system offers several options to meet the specific needs of each producer:

    • Roof slats.
    • Air ducts.
    • Stainless steel or galvanized legs.
    • Different types of perches.
    • Adjustable nipple distances.
    • Additional nipple lines.
    • Drip troughs or cups.
    • Dust collection belt.
    • Egg profile and curtain.
    • Egg grid and light.

Commitment to quality.

Salmet not only manufactures poultry equipment but is also one of the largest egg producers in Germany. This dual experience ensures that their products are designed and tested to meet the real demands of the poultry market. Since 1962, Salmet has provided reliable, durable, and widely tested equipment worldwide under the motto: “We use what we produce!”

The Salmet Combi Barn aviary system offers a combination of innovative design, high flexibility, ease of management, and an optimal environment for birds, making this system an excellent choice for modern poultry production.

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