Maximizing egg production: Discover SALMET’s all-in-one system.

SALMET’s All-In-One aviary system represents the perfect combination of innovation, efficiency, and animal welfare. Its hygienic design, ease of access, and customization options make it an ideal choice for poultry producers looking to maximize their performance and maintain a healthy environment for their birds.

SALMET all-in-one aviary system.

The SALMET All-In-One aviary system has been thoroughly designed and tested to combine animal welfare with the highest egg production performance. This innovative system is available in different widths (2000 and 2400 mm) to ensure optimal use of space in the barn and an appropriate bird stocking density.

Features and benefits.

Hygienic nest design.

The SALMET nest system provides a highly hygienic environment for egg production, helping to reduce heat buildup inside the nest and making the nesting material unattractive to red mites. This design ensures that birds have easy access to nests, feed, water, and perches, thanks to the short distances within the system.

Ergonomic perches.

SALMET’s unique perches have a 5-corner design that is comfortable for hens to walk on. Additionally, their rounded shape facilitates the removal of dirt from the top, contributing to a clean and healthy environment for the birds.

Manure removal system.

The All-In-One system includes manure removal belts installed under each slatted floor area. This advanced system uses a stainless steel scraper that perfectly cleans the belts and can guide the belt to the end of the row, ensuring efficient waste removal and maintaining a healthy environment for the birds.

Customization options.

To better meet the specific needs of each producer, the All-In-One aviary system offers various additional options, such as extra perches, additional feed and water lines, stainless steel legs, and manure drying systems. These options allow for customization of the system to maximize its efficiency and functionality.

Durability and reliability.

Since its founding in 1962, SALMET has demonstrated its commitment to quality and innovation in poultry production. Their equipment has been tested worldwide, ensuring its reliability and long service life.

As one of the largest egg producers in Germany, SALMET applies its extensive practical experience in the design and production of poultry equipment, ensuring that its products meet the highest industry standards. Their motto, “We use what we produce!” reflects their dedication to excellence and their commitment to quality.

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