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ZUCAMI’s VISION Aviary: Modernity and welfare in poultry farming.


The poultry world is constantly evolving. With the rise of technology and increasing demands for efficiency, automated solutions have become crucial. In this landscape, ZUCAMI emerges as a benchmark by introducing its innovative VISION Aviary, a proposal that combines technology, animal welfare, and operational ease.

Introducing the ZUCAMI VISION Aviary.

The VISION aviary for laying hens is ZUCAMI’s answer to the modern needs of poultry farming. Its design has been meticulously conceived not only to provide an optimal environment for the birds but also to offer a simple and effective handling experience for the poultry farmer. Its main attraction lies in its intuitive approach, making it easier for birds to adapt and for professionals to quickly inspect and access key areas of the aviary.

What sets the VISION Aviary apart?

Beyond its design, what distinguishes VISION is its ability to offer a clear and direct “vision” of the birds’ welfare. The structure allows hassle-free access to the eggs and nests directly from the aisle, optimizing the supervision task. But this ease is not just for the poultry farmer; the birds also benefit, as the design allows them to intuitively identify essential points such as water, food, resting areas, and laying nests.

Features that define the VISION Aviary.

Spacious area: Promotes bird adaptability and mobility from the start.

Simplified access: To the overall system and specifically to the egg channel.

Superior hygiene: Fully detachable nests for effective cleaning.

Efficient collection: High-capacity egg collection belts.

Easy maintenance: Ease in system installation and care.

Intuitive design: Everything the bird requires is clearly arranged.

Optimal surface: Maximizes usable space.

Guaranteed comfort: Nests designed with bird welfare in mind.

Integrated systems and additional options.

The VISION laying hen aviary goes beyond just being a space for birds. It incorporates essential systems such as water, feeding, egg collection, perches, and lighting. Additionally, ZUCAMI offers additional options, like an auxiliary collection system and a specialized drying tube.

Recognizing the diversity in poultry farm needs, ZUCAMI has designed four configurations for the VISION Aviary: the standard model, ASYMMETRIC, SURFACE, and LARGE SURFACE. These variants aim to adapt to different infrastructures and demands, always guaranteeing the welfare of the laying hens and efficiency in operations.

Compared to the rest, the difference is clear and palpable.

ZUCAMI, with its VISION Aviary, redefines modern poultry farming. This system, which combines the best of technology and animal welfare-centric design, provides poultry farmers with the peace of mind of knowing they are offering their birds a quality environment while optimizing their daily operations. It is undoubtedly a vision towards the future of poultry farming.

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