Poultry rearing: The Pedigrow system.

In the poultry industry, efficiency and quality are crucial aspects for achieving success. An essential component to reach these goals is the rearing system, which prepares young birds for a productive life in aviary systems. Among the options available in the market, the Pedigrow rearing system stands out for its innovative design and focus on comprehensive training of pullets. This article will explore in detail the features, advantages, and options offered by the Pedigrow system, highlighting why it is an excellent choice for poultry farmers seeking to improve the productivity and well-being of their birds.

Features of the Pedigrow system.

1. Comprehensive training of pullets.

The Pedigrow system is designed to train pullets in all important aspects of the aviary environment. It includes essential elements such as nipples, feeders, perches, and slat floors at various levels, equipped with manure belts. This thorough training ensures that the birds quickly adapt to aviary systems, optimizing their performance and well-being.

2. Total control and flexibility.

The multi-level design of Pedigrow allows for complete control over food, water, lighting, and manure removal. The lower levels can be adapted to house day-old pullets, and as the birds grow, they open up to offer a cage-free environment. This flexible system adapts to different needs and local regulations, providing an ideal environment for each stage of the pullets’ development.

3. Cage-free environment.

Once the birds reach a certain age, the Pedigrow system converts into a cage-free environment. The system’s doors transform into platforms and ramps, allowing the birds to walk, jump, and fly freely within the system and between rows. This not only enhances the birds’ well-being but also better prepares them for their adult life in laying systems.

4. Easy handling and maintenance.

The Pedigrow rearing system is designed with ease of handling and maintenance in mind. The compartments can be easily opened for inspection, vaccination, and bird catching. Additionally, it features a proven manure removal system that ensures a clean and healthy environment for the birds.

Advantages of the Pedigrow system.

1. Perfectly trained hens.

The comprehensive training provided by Pedigrow ensures that the hens are well-prepared for aviary systems, resulting in higher productivity and better long-term performance.

2. Higher density in rearing.

Thanks to its efficient design, the system allows for a higher density of birds during rearing, optimizing space usage without compromising the pullets’ well-being.

3. Uniform pullets.

The system promotes the uniform development of pullets, ensuring that all reach an optimal level of growth and development before being moved to laying systems.

4. Low maintenance.

The ease of handling and efficient design of the Pedigrow system significantly reduce maintenance time and costs, allowing poultry farmers to focus on other critical areas of their operation.

Available options.

The Pedigrow system offers a variety of customizable options to meet the specific needs of each poultry operation. These include:

  • Elevated legs with closure grids.
  • Lower level for day-old pullets.
  • Rear dividers on lower and upper levels.
  • Additional perches and different perch models.
  • Stainless steel closure on legs/leg covers.

The Pedigrow rearing system represents an advanced and efficient solution for poultry rearing. Its innovative design and multiple features provide poultry farmers with a powerful tool to improve the quality and productivity of their birds. By choosing Pedigrow, farmers can be assured that they are giving their pullets an optimal start towards a productive and healthy life in aviary systems.