Space-Z aviary system: Innovation and productivity in poultry farming.

The Space-Z poultry system from Salmet is an advanced and sophisticated aviary system that has been meticulously designed to maximize bird productivity. This innovative system not only leverages Salmet’s extensive experience in the sector but also incorporates significant improvements based on the successful and widely recognized All-in-One system concept by Salmet. By integrating these advancements, the Space-Z expands its functional scope and optimizes operational efficiency, offering a comprehensive and modern solution that meets the demanding needs of contemporary poultry farmers.

Advantages of the Space-Z system.

The Space-Z system stands out for several features that make it a preferred option for poultry farmers:

    • Visibility and access: It offers an excellent overview of the aviary, making it easier to monitor the birds and access food, water, and nests.
    • Egg quality: It promotes the production of top-quality eggs, reducing the percentage of eggs laid outside the nest thanks to its optimized design.
    • Maintenance: Designed to be easy to maintain, allowing farmers to focus more on bird management rather than on cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Additional options and features.

The Space-Z system offers several additional options that can be tailored to the specific needs of the farmer:

    • Closure grid: Throughout the system for greater security.
    • Air pipes: For manure drying, improving hygiene and reducing odors.
    • Extra feeding circuit: To ensure all birds have sufficient access to food.
    • LED lighting: Improves visibility and bird welfare.
    • Stairs: To facilitate bird movement between the different levels of the system.

Space-Z system design.

The Space-Z is the first Salmet aviary system without a central egg belt. Instead, the egg belt is placed next to the nest entrance, fully covered to prevent birds from accessing the eggs. The nests are made of plywood with a soft mat inside, which prevents damage to freshly laid eggs.

The system’s design facilitates bird movement between levels using optional perches and stairs. Food and water are available at different levels, and the manure removal belts installed under each level help maintain a healthy environment for the birds.

The Space-Z poultry system from Salmet represents a significant innovation in modern poultry farming. Its design focused on efficiency, ease of maintenance, and bird welfare makes it an ideal choice for farmers looking to maximize productivity and egg quality. With over half a century of experience and success in the poultry field, Salmet continues to lead with advanced and proven solutions for the industry.

Salmet is not only a manufacturer of poultry equipment but also one of the largest egg producers in Germany. This provides them with a deep understanding of farmers’ needs and the experience necessary to design and produce effective and durable equipment. Since 1962, Salmet equipment has been extensively tested and used worldwide, standing out for its reliability and durability.