The fascinating world of hens.

hens are much more than just a simple poultry bird. They are ambassadors of a rich history that has accompanied humanity since ancient times, and they possess a diversity that astonishes both novice and expert poultry farmers. In this section, we invite you to dive into the vast and diverse world of chickens, exploring their origin, varieties, care, and the profound impact they have had on cultures around the world.

From the ancient civilizations of Asia and Africa to modern industrial farms and the backyards of urban poultry enthusiasts, hens have been a constant. They have been revered, domesticated, bred, and studied for their meat, their eggs, and sometimes, simply for their beauty or their unique song.

Over 500 breeds of hens.

Did you know that there are over 500 breeds of hens? Each with its own characteristics, colors, patterns, and personalities. From the majestic Ayam Cemani from Indonesia, with its deep black color, to the delicate Silkie with its cotton-like plumage, hens offer us a spectrum of diversity that is a testament to the wonder of nature and human innovation.

In addition to their physical diversity, hens play a crucial role in the ecology of our farms. They are excellent for controlling pests, improving soil quality with their manure, and providing a sustainable food source in the form of meat and eggs.

But, beyond their utility, hens have distinct personalities and form bonds with other birds and often with the humans who care for them. Many chicken breeders will tell you that each bird is unique, with its own quirks, likes, and dislikes.