Intelia: Digital Transformation in poultry farming with Artificial Intelligence and data analytics.

Intelia has established itself as a leading company in the field of digital agricultural solutions, focusing on revolutionizing the poultry industry through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. Since its founding, Intelia has worked tirelessly to develop tools and predictive models that enhance precision and efficiency in poultry production.

Precise prediction of bird weight.

One of Intelia’s most notable advancements is its continuous prediction model for bird weight over a 14-day period. This model allows producers to identify discrepancies in bird growth much earlier than would be possible with traditional methods. By forecasting issues up to 36 hours in advance, producers can make adjustments to the birds’ diet and management to ensure weight targets are met on time. This ability to anticipate problems enables more efficient and proactive flock management.

Optimized feed supply management.

Feed supply management is another area where Intelia has made significant contributions. Using AI to monitor feed consumption and bird population in real-time, Intelia provides accurate predictions on when feed will run out in the silos. This prevents feed shortages and reduces operational costs by minimizing unnecessary feed handling and optimizing deliveries. Configurable alerts ensure that producers can react quickly to any changes in feed levels, ensuring that birds always have access to the right amount of feed.

Accuracy in feed quantity required.

Intelia has also developed a predictive model that calculates the exact amount of feed needed for birds to reach their target weight, adjusted for actual consumption and mortality. This tool not only improves feed supply efficiency but also ensures that flock performance is maximized without wasting resources. This is crucial for reducing production costs and improving profitability in poultry operations, as it allows for more precise planning and optimal resource utilization.

Comprehensive benefits for the poultry industry.

Intelia’s solutions provide a range of benefits that go beyond simple bird weight prediction. By offering detailed data on flock weight uniformity and standard deviation, Intelia helps producers optimize planning and coordination with processing plants. This results in greater operational efficiency and a significant improvement in the quality and consistency of the final product. Additionally, the ability to forecast and adjust feed supply contributes to more sustainable and efficient resource management, benefiting both producers and the environment.

Intelia is leading a digital transformation in poultry farming through advanced use of AI and data analytics. Its innovative solutions are helping producers improve flock management, optimize resource use, and increase profitability, setting new standards of efficiency and precision in the poultry industry. The company positions itself as a benchmark in the integration of advanced technology in agriculture, offering tools that not only enhance productivity but also promote more sustainable and efficient practices.