AFFIA Association: Shaping the Future of Entomoculture and Entomophagy in Asia.

In a constantly evolving world, the search for more sustainable, ethical, and efficient food sources has become an imperative need. Founded in 2016, the Asian Food and Feed Insect Association (AFFIA) emerges as a pioneering entity that represents the interests of academics and industrialists in the emerging sector of insects as food and feed in Asia. AFFIA’s mission is clear: for the global food chain to be truly sustainable, integrating insects as a source of nutrients for both human and animal consumption is necessary.

Association Objectives.

Strengthen the Industry.

According to AFFIA, the insect industry is expected to reach maturity within the next decade. To achieve this, various stakeholders need to collaborate, share knowledge, and promote the benefits of entomophagy, i.e., the consumption of insects. The organization serves as a regional hub that strengthens the industry through various activities, ranging from information exchange to clarifying regulations.

Develop Good Practices.

While Asian cultures have utilized insects in their food chain for millennia, international trust in Asia’s insect producers is crucial and dependent on the development of good practices. AFFIA collaborates with relevant governmental agencies to ensure the frictionless implementation of future regulations.

Guide the Industry.

In a region as multicultural as Asia, with as many regulatory frameworks as there are countries, AFFIA has the task of guiding the industry in a sustainable, proactive, and responsible manner. To do this, it initiates or facilitates research and development activities.

International Collaborations.

Not solely focused on Asia, AFFIA works closely with similar organizations on other continents, such as IPAA in Australia, IPIFF in Europe, and NACIA in America. This kind of international collaboration is vital to address challenges affecting the global insect industry.

Membership Types and Benefits.

AFFIA offers three types of memberships: for insect producers (Full Membership), academic and research institutions (Associate Membership), and for non-insect-producing companies and organizations that support the association (Observer Membership). Members have access to up-to-date information on industry progress, regional and global regulations, developments in good practices, reference databases, and collaboration opportunities.

In a world where sustainability is more crucial than ever, the Asian Food and Feed Insect Association (AFFIA) stands as a beacon of innovation and leadership in the insect food and feed industry. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the promotion of good practices, AFFIA is not only strengthening the insect industry in Asia but also making a significant contribution to the global food chain. Its vision and mission make it a key player for the future of more ethical and sustainable food worldwide.

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