Petersime: Nature-Based Innovation.

Petersime has focused its vision on research and development to generate value in the market. Inspired by nature, their incubators have achieved worldwide recognition for ensuring maximum performance while always maintaining bird welfare. Their reputation has been built on the success of thousands of operational incubators around the world.

Petersime’s X-Streamer: Intelligence in incubation and operational excellence.

Incubators play a crucial role in poultry farming, as the success of an incubator is reflected in the quality and quantity of chicks produced, as well as in operational efficiency. Petersime, a global leader in incubation, has set a high standard in this field with its X-Streamer model. This product is the result of continuous innovation, years of experience, and a deep understanding of industry needs.

The X-Streamer: A revolution in incubation.

The X-Streamer is not just an incubator; it’s the first smart incubator that turns data into optimal incubation performance. This equipment can recognize the eggs it contains and, based on that information, adjusts conditions to maximize incubation yield and minimize operational costs.

Built-in intelligence.

Central to the X-Streamer is its advanced software that transforms data into maximum incubation performance. It’s an intuitive, self-learning software that adjusts and adapts as needed, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors.

Unique embryo response technology.

The X-Streamer is equipped with Petersime’s patented Embryo Response technology. This technology emulates how a bird reacts to embryo signals, ensuring optimal hatching and bird welfare.

Designed for minimal operating costs.

Petersime has paid special attention to the design and materials of the X-Streamer. This equipment guarantees ease of use, energy efficiency, maximum biosecurity, and reduced maintenance.

Additional X-Streamer Technologies

The X-Streamer includes a module, the Incubation X-knowledge Module™, which allows it to record egg variables and, based on this information, automatically adjusts the incubator’s schedule. It also features Eagle Trax™, Petersime’s innovative software that allows for full traceability at the incubator level, connecting all incubator data and providing critical information at your fingertips.

Petersime’s X-Streamer represents a significant step forward in incubation technology. Its combination of operational intelligence, adaptability, and commitment to quality ensures that Petersime incubators will continue to lead in the poultry industry, always offering the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

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