Quail laying cages: Welfare and efficiency in poultry production.

Quails are small but highly productive birds, known for their egg-laying capacity, producing an average of 23 to 25 eggs per month. This quality has made quail farming a relevant activity in the poultry industry, and to ensure optimal performance, the design of quail laying cages plays a crucial role. In this article, we will explore how these cages provide an ideal environment that ensures the well-being of the birds and enhances their productivity, highlighting their features and advantages in modern poultry production.

This article is based on the optimal design of Zucami’s quail laying cages, which guarantee well-being and maximum egg production. With innovative features, they stand out as an exemplary model in the poultry industry.

Comfort for the birds.

One of the most important aspects of the design of quail laying cages is the comfort provided to the birds. An adequate and comfortable environment is essential to promote their well-being and maximize their egg production. Therefore, these cages have been designed to ensure constant access to food and water, providing a balanced and essential nutrition for the development and health of the quails.

Easy cleaning and disinfection.

Another key point is the ease of cleaning and disinfection of the cages. Hygiene is essential in poultry production, and for quails, easy and effective disinfection is crucial to maintain a clean environment free from diseases. The quail laying cages are designed for easy and periodic cleaning and disinfection, promoting a hygienic environment that favors the well-being of the birds and the production of high-quality eggs.

Egg collection system.

An innovative feature in these cages is the egg collection system. This system provides comfort to both birds and poultry farmers when extracting eggs from the trays. The egg collection process becomes more efficient and less invasive, benefiting both quails and the egg collection and handling processes, improving the efficiency of poultry production.

Modular design.

The adjustable modular design of 3 to 6 levels is another advantage of quail laying cages. This versatility allows the cages to be adapted to the specific needs of the poultry farm, optimizing space usage and facilitating the management and administration of the flock. The flexibility in accommodation capacity is especially valuable for farms with different production sizes and allows for greater control over quail farming.

Feeding and Hydration.

Regarding feeding and hydration, these cages have a line of easily accessible drinkers for the quails. This ensures that the birds have a constant supply of water, promoting their well-being and productive performance. Additionally, the cage design allows for suitable lighting that favors egg production. Optimal lighting can positively influence the reproductive cycle of the birds, stimulating increased egg production and greater efficiency in poultry production.

Adequate ventilation.

An appropriate ventilation system is another relevant feature in the design of these cages. An optimal airflow is essential to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for the birds, positively influencing their well-being and productive performance. Good ventilation ensures the right temperature and an environment free of odors and harmful gases that may affect the health of quails.

Sliding and concealable doors.

The sliding and concealable door is an ingenious solution present in Zucami’s quail laying cages. This feature saves space and optimizes the area allocated to the birds, particularly valuable in farms with limited space. A more efficient distribution of space provides quails with an adequate area to move and rest, positively influencing their well-being and productive performance.

Practicality and functionality.

Practicality and functionality have been considered in the design of these cages. The handling and care of the birds are essential to ensure precise production control. The dimensions of the cages are designed to allow them to be stacked, facilitating transport, immediate modular installation, and easy handling.

In addition to ensuring the well-being of the birds, it is essential that the design of the quail laying cages protects against corrosion and promotes the durability of the materials. Constant exposure to farm conditions can wear down materials, so it is crucial to ensure that the cages are built with resistant and durable materials.

Zucami’s quail laying cages offer an ideal environment that ensures the well-being of the birds and maximizes egg production. The careful design of these cages, which includes access to food and water, appropriate lighting, efficient ventilation, and an egg collection system, among other outstanding features, contributes to efficient and successful poultry production. With Zucami, quails find a comfortable and safe home, while poultry farmers enjoy more precise and efficient production management. Quail laying cages are a practical and functional choice to optimize the breeding of these productive birds and meet the needs of modern poultry industry.