Efficiency and Sustainability: The Benefits of SmartSense™ Incubators

Royal Pas Reform has introduced SmartSense™, an innovative series of adaptive incubators that are transforming the field of poultry incubation by implementing advanced technology to optimize the incubation process and maximize the quality and uniformity of the chicks produced.


Advanced technology and adaptive control.

SmartSense™ is characterized by using next-generation sensors to monitor and adjust conditions within the incubator in real-time, adapting to the specific needs of developing embryos. This adaptive capability ensures that each embryo receives the optimal environment necessary for its development, significantly improving incubation outcomes.

Modular design and environmental control

The series features a modular design that allows detailed management of environmental conditions within each section of the incubator. This is crucial for maintaining a homogeneous temperature and ideal conditions throughout the process, especially in high-capacity incubators.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

The system integrates features such as the Energy Saving Module™ (ESM™) and Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™ (AMF™), which optimize energy use and improve the efficiency of humidity and CO2 control, significantly reducing resource consumption and enhancing operational sustainability.

Safety and hygiene features

SmartSense™ also sets new standards in terms of hygiene and safety, incorporating materials resistant to disinfectants and corrosion, and systems that minimize cross-contamination. Additionally, Microban® technology in key components and an ergonomic design ensure safe and effective handling of eggs and chicks.

Interactivity and connectivity

The incubators are equipped with an advanced user interface that allows comprehensive control and facilitates operation. Furthermore, SmartSense™’s full connectivity capability enables remote updates and support, ensuring the incubators operate at the technological forefront.

Competitive advantages

With these innovations, Royal Pas Reform not only improves incubation efficiency and outcomes but also provides operators with a powerful tool to meet the challenges of modern poultry production, highlighting the combination of advanced technology, energy efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability and animal welfare.

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