Duck drinkers, Pekino.

In the world of poultry farming, the health and well-being of birds are fundamental to ensuring sustainable and ethical production. Recognizing this need, Big Dutchman has launched Pekino, a revolutionary drinking system designed to significantly improve the quality of life of ducks. This innovative product is the result of a collaboration between Big Dutchman, the Osnabrück Vocational University, and experts with extensive experience in the field, marking a milestone in poultry care.

Pekino’s unique design is meticulously crafted to meet the biological needs of ducks in terms of hydration and natural water-related behaviors. Unlike conventional systems, Pekino allows ducks not only to drink with ease but also to wash their beaks and fully submerge their heads. This ability to interact with water in a natural way is crucial for maintaining good health and, therefore, improving the profitability of their breeding.

Pekino stands out for allowing ducks to engage in instinctive behaviors, such as foraging by submerging their heads, filtering water with their beaks, and caring for their plumage. These activities are essential for the birds’ well-being and reflect Big Dutchman’s commitment to developing solutions that respect the biological and behavioral needs of animals.

For effective integration into farms, Pekino is proposed as a complementary hydration solution to existing nipple drinkers. Its installation is recommended over plastic grates to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the surrounding area, thus optimizing the hygienic conditions of the environment.

The advantages of Pekino are clear:

      •  The deep cup is designed to supply the optimal amount of water needed for ducks, ensuring their proper hydration.
      •  Thanks to a movable pendulum, ducks can activate the water supply themselves, encouraging interaction and natural behavior.
      •  The intelligent design minimizes water loss, contributing to a cleaner environment and resource efficiency.
      •  By following the recommendations of the European Council, Pekino not only promotes healthy duck management but also meets high animal welfare standards.

Pekino represents a significant advance in poultry farming, offering a practical and effective solution that benefits both ducks and producers. With this drinking system, Big Dutchman reaffirms its leadership in innovation and its commitment to animal welfare.

The launch of Pekino, an innovative duck drinker, has been received with great enthusiasm in the Asian market, a region known for its significant poultry industry and growing interest in animal welfare. This drinker not only promises to improve the health and quality of life of ducks but also responds to the demand for products that respect ethical and sustainable breeding practices. Poultry producers in Asia see Pekino as an opportunity to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, offering their ducks access to water that simulates their natural behavior, a crucial aspect for their well-being. This positive reception underscores the Asian market’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the poultry sector, highlighting the importance of developing and adopting solutions that benefit both animals and the industry.