Exceeding Expectations:

An Analysis of VIV Europe.

VIV Europe is more than just an exhibition; it’s a pivotal event for the global animal-origin food industry, and its latest edition has proven to be an exemplary showcase for the latest technologies and innovative concepts.

This three-day event in Utrecht, Netherlands, brought together professionals, entrepreneurs, and delegations from all over the world, surpassing even the numbers from previous editions.

For those looking to stay at the forefront of the animal breeding and food production industry, attending VIV Europe is not just an option, but a necessity.








The event that brings together the industry.

With a turnout of 19,024 professional visitors from 142 countries and five continents, VIV Europe has established itself as the preferred meeting point for global suppliers and buyers. Western countries represented 68% of the event’s audience, followed by the Middle East and Africa with 14%, Eastern Europe with 10%, and Asia and the rest of the world sharing the remaining 4%.

Despite travel restrictions and quarantines, which particularly affected Asian countries, the event maintained its relevance and international appeal. The exhibition featured 435 exhibitors from 44 countries and was co-located with VICTAM International, which brought an additional 150 exhibitors, covering the entire animal feed to food supply chain.

Innovation and sustainability.

Sustainability and circular concepts were the major themes of the event. Special attention was given to technologies and practices promoting more efficient and sustainable animal production. The Minister of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Mr. Henk Staghouwer, honored the exhibition with his visit, showing enthusiasm for the new production methods presented.

The Impact of VIV Europe in a vulnerable world.

Renate Wiendels, Senior Project Manager, noted that in a vulnerable world, the “animal feed to food” industry has demonstrated its resilience by meeting in person in Europe for the first time. Discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the animal breeding industry is crucial to ensure a secure future.

Global delegations.

The event attracted delegations from Bangladesh, India, Iran, Ukraine, and the United States. It also received visits from various ambassadors, including those from Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, South Africa, and the Royal Embassy of Thailand.

VIV Europe has exceeded expectations, proving to be an essential event for anyone involved in the animal-origin food industry. From technological innovation to discussions on sustainability and food security, VIV Europe offers a platform for the future of a sector essential to global nutrition.

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