AGRENA: More than an exhibition.

Over the years, AGRENA has not only grown in magnitude but also in recognition and relevance, firmly establishing itself as the leading exhibition for poultry, livestock, and fishery in the Middle East region. This fair is not just another event on the calendar; it has become the throbbing heart of the thriving poultry, livestock, and fishery industry, placing itself at the epicenter of one of the largest and most dynamic markets for these products throughout the region. But AGRENA is much more than a mere meeting space; it’s the premier forum to discover and delve into emerging business opportunities and to immerse oneself in the latest innovations. It serves as a dazzling showcase displaying the latest technologies, products, and services that are not only setting trends but also redefining and revolutionizing the entire industry.








A Global Scale Event.

The 21st edition of the AGRENA exhibition took place at the Egypt Exhibition Center in Cairo, covering an area of 26 thousand square meters. It brought together 685 companies from 24 countries worldwide, including Italy, Paraguay, Spain, China, India, Korea, and Germany. The event not only highlighted the strength and security of Egypt’s economic growth but also served as a platform for global companies to showcase their advancements and innovative solutions in the industry.

Egypt’s Tourism Opportunity.

Egypt is a country with a rich history in tourism, known for its Pharaonic, religious, and cultural monuments. Its geographical location in the center of the world, along with its moderate climate and beautiful coastlines filled with rare coral reef treasures, make it an exemplary tourist destination. Hosting international events like AGRENA adds special charm to the country, offering visitors an added chance to explore its many facets.

Innovations and Trends in Poultry, Livestock, and Fisheries.

One of the standout aspects of AGRENA is the opportunity it offers to uncover the latest innovations in poultry, livestock, and fisheries. From technologies for improving animal welfare to more efficient and sustainable feeding systems, the exhibition showcases a broad spectrum of solutions designed to address the industry’s most pressing challenges.

AGRENA has proven to be more than just an exhibition; it’s an event that gathers experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from the poultry, livestock, and fisheries sectors worldwide. It not only underscores Egypt’s economic strength in these sectors but also paves the way for future collaborations and technological advancements. In summary, it is a must-attend for all those looking to expand their horizons in the captivating and ever-evolving world of poultry, livestock, and fisheries.

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