The Epicenter of Livestock Farming: A Look at the International SPACE Fair.

Within the vast and diversified universe of the agricultural industry, there are events that stand out for their ability to encapsulate and reflect the richness and significance of this sector, and SPACE is undoubtedly one of those few. Skillfully situated in the vibrant heart of Western France, this fair is not just another event on the calendar, but has established itself as the annual meeting epicenter for professionals dedicated to livestock farming. It’s more than a mere exhibition: SPACE is a beacon of progress and innovation, where the latest trends are presented, advances discussed, and foundations laid for the future of agriculture in the region and, potentially, the world. It’s a celebration of the continuous effort to improve and evolve in a sector vital to our society.








An international event of significance.

Since its inception, SPACE has established itself as an international fair, where various professionals from the agricultural sector converge to present and discuss the latest innovations. It’s the perfect stage for those looking to showcase their innovations, earning the prestigious Innov’Space seal, and for those wishing to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in the sector.

Diversity and specialization.

SPACE encompasses all aspects of livestock farming: from the cattle sector, whether dairy or meat, to poultry, pig, sheep, goat, rabbit, and aquaculture. This diversity makes SPACE an unmissable appointment for any livestock professional. Each year, the fair is proud to present an impressive list of exhibitors, ensuring visitors access to a wide range of products, equipment, and services.

Marketplace and conferences.

The inclusion of an online catalog, the “Marketplace,” gives visitors the chance to explore products and services that will be displayed at the fair in advance. And not just that, SPACE offers a program packed with conferences, addressing topics of great relevance ranging from animal feed to international and environmental issues.

Innov’Space: The seal of innovation.

Since 1995, the Innov’Space seal has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in the industry. An independent jury of experts evaluates new products proposed by exhibitors with neutrality and confidentiality. Innovations are classified into categories based on their relevance and value, from 1 star to 3 stars for the jury’s special mentions. Winning this seal is not just recognition, but a commercial advantage that provides increased visibility to the awarded companies.

An International Platform.

The International Club within SPACE is an exclusive area designed to optimize international business relationships. It’s the ideal place for conversations with international partners, checking emails, or just resting between negotiations.

Beyond the fair: Farm visits.

As a complement to the event, SPACE offers the opportunity to visit farms in Brittany, one of Europe’s leading livestock regions. These visits are designed to provide a practical insight into livestock operations, covering everything from poultry to aquaculture.

SPACE is more than just a fair; it’s a complete experience for any professional in the agricultural sector. Whether you’re looking to exhibit your products, learn about the latest trends, or simply expand your network, SPACE is the right place. With its focus on innovation and excellence, and its ability to bring together key players in the sector, there’s no doubt why it’s considered the annual grand meeting of agribusiness. It’s undoubtedly the reflection of a sector in constant evolution and growth.

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