SIAVS: The engine of innovation in Brazil’s poultry and pig farming.

The International Poultry and Pig Farming Exhibition (SIAVS) is not just an event, but the epicenter of trends and advancements in poultry and pig farming in Brazil. Recognized as the most significant and largest gathering in these sectors within the country, SIAVS has managed to project its influence far beyond Brazilian borders. Each edition attracts thousands of visitors, from exhibitors to renowned speakers, all coming from different corners of the world. But SIAVS is more than an exhibition: it’s a forum for exchange, a space where knowledge is shared, innovations are discussed, and strategic alliances are forged. It is, in essence, a confluence of ideas and business opportunities that reinforce and enhance the vitality and dynamism of poultry and pig farming on a global scale.”








A Comprehensive Event.

SIAVS is structured into three main parts: the Fair, the Congress, and a Free Program. The goal is to create an environment conducive to interaction between buyers, technicians, researchers, consultants, leaders, and students. The fair is particularly notable for being the largest showcase of poultry and pig farming technology and products in Brazil.

Opportunity Fair.

The fair is a magnet for purchasing managers of large chains, both wholesalers and retailers. It also attracts the attention of international buyers thanks to its association with Apex-Brasil. Highly relevant companies in the sector, from equipment manufacturers to laboratories and food suppliers, have a presence at the event.

Congress and free programming.

The congress, for its part, is a hotbed of ideas and knowledge, where over 80 speakers come together to discuss topics as varied as sustainability, technology, or improvements in production efficiency. The free programming is an added advantage that allows participants to access high-quality talks and presentations at no cost.

Innovation and entrepreneurship.

One of the major innovations of SIAVS has been the launch of initiatives like “SIAVS Talks”, a space dedicated to business incubation and project presentations in a format similar to TED talks. This space seeks to promote entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the industry.

SIAVS Experience.

Another notable attraction is the “SIAVS Experience”, a unique immersion into the production chain. This experience is achieved through advanced technologies, such as giant LED screens and mirror games that create three-dimensional optical illusions. Everything is complemented by the sound and smell of the forest, offering a complete sensory experience.

Financial participation.

Financial entities such as Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal also join SIAVS with mobile units and special credit lines for the agricultural sector. This demonstrates the comprehensive reach of the event, which not only focuses on technology and production but also on the financial viability of projects.

Global Impact.

The importance of SIAVS goes beyond participation records. It’s an event that highlights Brazil’s ability to contribute to global food security. In the words of the president of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), Ricardo Santin, the event is “the consecration of a sector that ensures sustainable production and preserves natural resources.”

SIAVS is not just a fair; it’s the pulse of the poultry and pig farming sectors in Brazil and, in many ways, in the world. It’s a showcase of innovation, a forum for knowledge exchange, and a platform for new business development. In short, SIAVS is a must-attend event for any professional or individual interested in these sectors.

In the context of a growing global demand for food and amid contemporary challenges such as sustainability and food security, events like SIAVS become increasingly relevant. They not only set the course for the industry in Brazil but also provide guidelines for the rest of the world on how to face the upcoming challenges in the fields of poultry and pig farming.