IPPE, the largest event in the animal food industry.

The IPPE is not just an exhibition; it’s a compendium of the most advanced solutions the industry has to offer, and for this reason, it has become the focal point for leaders and visionaries in the global industry. Individuals committed not only to the growth of their own companies but also to adopting best practices, modernizing operations, and the continuous pursuit to stay at the forefront in an ever-evolving market. Attending IPPE is to immerse oneself in a sea of opportunities: it is the perfect platform to forge and strengthen business relationships, discover the most innovative suppliers and vendors, and at the same time, interact and learn from peers and experts. All of this in a dynamic, enriching environment specifically designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. It is, without a doubt, a comprehensive experience that goes beyond a simple industry event.








The IPPE will welcome a global audience of professionals from the meat, poultry, eggs, and animal feed industries in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. At the same time, it will showcase the latest solutions, technologies, research, processes, services, and products that the global animal food industry has to offer.

If you’re looking for more reasons to attend IPPE in Atlanta, there are attendee brochures available in multiple languages offering a detailed view of the event.

About IPPE.

The IPPE is the world’s largest annual exhibition of technology, equipment, supplies, and services used in the production and processing of eggs, meat, and poultry, as well as for those involved in the manufacture of animal food.

To put the magnitude of the event in perspective, the 2023 edition of IPPE had 1,184 exhibitors occupying an exhibition space of 532,190 square feet. There were 27,274 registered attendees from the poultry and egg, meat, and animal feed industries. 74% of the attendees were domestic, while 26% came from 125 different countries.

Professionals attending IPPE range from top management to engineering, through sales and marketing, plant and live operations, and research and development. It is the largest event of its kind globally and ranks among the top 30 trade fairs in the United States.

A global event.

The diversity of attendees is a testament to IPPE’s global reach. It represents a unique opportunity to establish relationships with industry leaders worldwide, adding value beyond the mere exhibition of products or services.

Innovation in action.

One of the main attractions of the event is undoubtedly its focus on innovation. The fair offers the opportunity to discover the latest technologies and solutions trending in the sector. From sustainable production systems to new processing methods, IPPE is where innovation meets the industry.

Education and professional development at IPPE.

In addition to the exhibition, IPPE also offers a series of seminars, workshops, and round tables covering a wide range of industry-relevant topics. These spaces are ideal for learning from experts, updating your knowledge, and discovering new ways to enhance your operations.

The IPPE is not just a trade fair; it’s a comprehensive event offering a 360-degree view of the animal food industry. Whether you’re involved in poultry, meat production, or animal feed manufacturing, IPPE is where you need to be if you want to keep up with the industry’s latest trends and technologies.

Attending IPPE is not merely an option; it’s a necessity for any professional looking to lead in an increasingly competitive and globalized market. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this monumental event that defines the industry’s direction year after year.

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