Agricultural Innovation: A Glimpse at EuroTier.

On a planet increasingly aware of challenges related to food, sustainability, and animal welfare, EuroTier has established itself as the world’s leading event in the livestock and animal agriculture sphere. This international forum is not just a trade fair; it’s an incubator of ideas, a breeding ground for innovation, and an unparalleled platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

EuroTier offers a 360-degree view of modern poultry farming, making it an unmissable event for professionals looking to take their poultry production to the next level of efficiency and sustainability.








Innovation and Sustainability: Hand in Hand.

One of the main attractions of EuroTier is its focus on sustainable and innovative solutions. Here, answers can be found to critical issues such as climate change, waste management, and water conservation. The fair attracts not only livestock professionals but also researchers, policymakers, and NGOs, creating a rich ecosystem of knowledge and experience.

Poultry at EuroTier.

Leading companies in the poultry sector showcase their most innovative products at EuroTier, including bird handling equipment, health monitoring systems, and technological solutions for optimizing the supply chain. Conferences and expert panels offer an opportunity for knowledge exchange and discussion of best practices on an international scale.

In addition to product and service exhibitions, the fair also serves as a space for collaboration and training. The presence of professional associations, academic institutions, and research bodies makes EuroTier a comprehensive event where industry players can find practical solutions to the current and future challenges of poultry farming.

Approaching New Technologies.

The digital revolution has not left the agricultural sector untouched. EuroTier offers a showcase for emerging technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies are changing the way we manage farms, optimizing resources, and improving the quality of life for animals.

Animal Nutrition: Beyond Food.

EuroTier is also fertile ground for discussion and discovery in the field of animal nutrition. With a world facing a growing population and limited natural resources, the role of feed in livestock is more crucial than ever. The fair presents research and products ranging from nutritional supplements to new feeding techniques, all aimed at more efficient and sustainable production.

From Local to Global.

Globalization has changed the rules of the game in the livestock industry. EuroTier provides attendees with an international perspective on how different countries and regions are addressing similar challenges. This is especially relevant in topics such as trade regulations, animal welfare standards, and sustainable practices.

Aquaculture: The Future of the Sea.

Aquaculture is gaining ground as a sustainable source of protein. EuroTier has become a platform where aquaculture experts can share their latest research and discoveries. From feeding technologies to innovative cultivation systems, the fair offers a comprehensive view of this rapidly growing sector.

EuroTier is more than a fair; it’s a meeting point for the most influential players in the global livestock and animal agriculture industry. By fostering innovation, promoting sustainability, and offering a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, EuroTier has established itself as a must-attend event for anyone involved in the future of food and agriculture.

EuroTier is not just a showcase for innovations in cattle, pig, and aquaculture farming; it is also an important benchmark for poultry farming, one of the most dynamic branches of animal agriculture. The fair offers a comprehensive view of the latest trends and technologies in the poultry sector, addressing critical issues such as biosecurity, animal welfare, and the sustainability of production.

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