Advancement and Innovation in Fiberglass Silos with Eurosilos Sirp.

Eurosilos Sirp has established itself as a leading company in the silo manufacturing industry, based in Italy. Founded in 1972, it specializes in the design and production of fiberglass silos. This material is essential for ensuring effective preservation and maintaining the physical and organoleptic characteristics of the stored products, serving various sectors including agriculture, livestock, and industry.

Variety and product specifications.

Eurosilos Sirp’s product range includes various types of silos, such as Millennium, Monolithic, Vertical Screwed, Vertical Slick, Feedhopper, and Feedbox models. These are designed to meet the diverse market needs. Additionally, the company produces liquid tanks for storing liquid and fluid products in the zootechnical, agricultural, and industrial sectors. These tanks, available in Monolithic and Millennium models, are made of reinforced fiberglass, ensuring their robustness and longevity.

Auger conveyors and livestock equipment.

Eurosilos Sirp also offers auger conveyors, both rigid and flexible, for efficient management of loading and unloading operations of feeds or industrial products. These conveyors are highly customizable. For the livestock sector, the company has a complete range of calf baskets, including modular huts and igloos made of reinforced fiberglass, designed to maintain an ideal temperature.

Commitment to quality and customization.

The company is distinguished by its commitment to quality and attention to detail in its production processes. It uses high-quality materials and advanced technologies and conducts laboratory tests to ensure the excellence and performance of its products. Customization is a key aspect, with options ranging from the top opening of the silos to different extraction options at the bottom. Additionally, Eurosilos Sirp offers a wide range of accessories to ensure the operational effectiveness of its products.

Fiberglass: The material of thefuture.

The unique properties of fiberglass, such as its corrosion resistance and favorable mechanical strength-to-weight ratio, position Eurosilos Sirp’s products as a superior choice compared to traditional materials like steel. These characteristics ensure exceptional durability and greater ease of transport and handling.

Eurosilos Sirp consolidates itself as a company that combines innovation, quality, and customization in the production of fiberglass silos and related products. With over four decades of experience, it continues to be a benchmark in its field, offering solutions tailored to the changing needs of its customers and the global market.

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