Big Dutchman: Pioneer and leader that has transformed the way we understand and practice poultry farming.


Since its foundation in 1938, Big Dutchman has established itself as a leading company in the global poultry market. Its commitment to innovation and sustainability has cemented its reputation as a benchmark in the supply of equipment and solutions for poultry and pig production

History and evolution.

The story of Big Dutchman began with two brothers, Richard and Jack DeWitt, who emigrated from the Netherlands to the United States. Inspired by the desire to improve poultry practices, they created the world’s first automatic bird feeder, a revolutionary invention that transformed the industry.

As demand for their products grew, the company expanded its offerings and diversified its portfolio, addressing the changing needs of the poultry sector. Today, with a presence in over 100 countries and numerous awards and recognitions, Big Dutchman is synonymous with quality and excellence.

Products and solutions.

Big Dutchman’s catalog covers a wide range of solutions for poultry farming:

Equipment for laying hens: From cage systems to feeding and water supply systems.

Technology for broilers: Equipment designed to maximize bird growth and health.

Climate control and ambiance: Solutions that ensure animal welfare and optimize production.

Automation and digitization: Cutting-edge technologies that facilitate farm management and monitoring.

Commitment to sustainability.

Big Dutchman understands that the poultry farming of the future must be sustainable. Therefore, it invests in research to reduce the environmental impact of its equipment and promote more ethical and responsible production. An example of this is its line of products oriented towards organic and cage-free production.

Big Dutchman’s vision.

More than being an equipment provider, the company sees itself as a strategic ally for producers. Its goal is not just to sell machinery but to offer integrated solutions that contribute to the success and growth of poultry farms.

Global presence.

With offices in Europe, Asia, and America, and a network of distributors worldwide, Big Dutchman is always close to its customers. This global presence allows it to adapt to the particularities of each market and offer tailor-made solutions.

Challenges and future.

Poultry farming faces increasing challenges related to climate change, stricter regulations, and changing consumer demands. Big Dutchman, with its focus on innovation and continuous improvement, is prepared to face these challenges and continue leading the transformation of the industry.

Big Dutchman is more than a poultry equipment company; it is a pioneer and leader that has transformed the way we understand and practice poultry farming. With nearly a century of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, it continues to set the course in an ever-evolving industry.

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