Leaders in poultry genetics and sustainability.

Aviagen is one of the leading companies in the field of poultry genetics, committed not only to the genetic improvement of poultry but also to sustainable and ethical business practices. With a global presence and several decades of experience, the company has set new standards in the poultry industry. This article will delve into the history, mission, and impact of Aviagen in modern poultry farming.

History and trajectory of Aviagen.

Founded in the last century, Aviagen has evolved over the years, consolidating its position as a leader in poultry genetics. Originally focused on broiler production, the company has expanded its focus to include various species and types of birds, from broilers to breeders and laying hens.

Advanced poultry genetics.

Aviagen has specialized in the development of high-quality bird genetic lines. Using advanced technologies such as DNA sequencing and genomic selection, the company has been able to develop birds with excellent feed conversion rates, disease resistance, and exceptional production yields.

Research and development.

Research and development are key components of Aviagen’s strategy. The company invests significantly in R&D to continuously improve its products and find innovative solutions to emerging challenges in poultry farming, such as animal welfare and disease resistance.

Sustainability and animal welfare.

Sustainability is a central theme in Aviagen’s mission. From feeding and housing to bird transportation, the company is committed to practices that minimize its carbon footprint and promote animal welfare.

Certifications and standards.

Aviagen adheres to multiple standards and certifications to ensure that its operations comply with best practices in animal welfare, quality, and sustainability. These include ISO certification and other industry-specific quality seals.

Global presence.

With a global footprint spanning from North America to Asia, Aviagen has proven to be a key player in the international poultry market. The company has established operations in several countries, adapting its products to local needs and contributing to the development of the poultry industry in different regions.

Strategic Alliances.

One of Aviagen’s strengths is its ability to forge strategic alliances with other entities and organizations. This not only expands its reach but also allows it to share knowledge and best practices in the industry.

Future and Perspectives.

Poultry farming is constantly evolving, and Aviagen is well-positioned to continue being a leader in the industry. As the global demand for animal proteins continues to increase, the company will continue to focus its efforts on offering genetic solutions that are sustainable, ethical, and profitable.

Aviagen represents a unique combination of technical expertise and ethical commitment, setting the standard in poultry genetics and sustainability. Through its focus on research and development, strategic alliances, and ongoing commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, the company promises to remain a pillar in the poultry industry in the coming years.

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