All about roosters.

Between spurs and feathers.


For many, roosters are much more than just poultry; they are a symbol of pride, an object of admiration for their elegance and behavior. In some cultures, the rooster is considered a sacred animal and is attributed mystical properties. However, beyond their symbolism, roosters have immense practical value. They are essential for the production of fertile eggs and, in many cases, for maintaining order and stability within a coop. Moreover, different breeds offer genetic diversity that can be crucial for the long-term sustainability of poultry farming.

In this section, we will address topics such as genetics and breed selection, detailing the characteristics that make each one unique, from their vibrant and colorful plumage to their singing qualities and behavior. We will also explore best practices for the feeding, health, and well-being of roosters, including tips on how to manage common diseases and ensure a safe and stimulating environment.

For enthusiasts of rooster breeding, we will offer comprehensive guides on reproductive management, training, and preparation for competitions and exhibitions. Additionally, we will not overlook the ethical and legal issues surrounding some cultural practices related to roosters, providing a forum for open and informed dialogue.