Salmet: Turning poultry waste into green gold.

Modern agriculture is constantly challenged to find more efficient and sustainable methods for managing waste generated by animal production. In this context, Salmet GmbH, one of the largest egg producers in Germany and a leader in the manufacture of poultry equipment, has proven to be a pioneer at the forefront of innovation with its chicken manure composting unit.

This system represents an effective and environmentally friendly solution for the management of poultry manure, transforming it into a valuable organic fertilizer. Salmet’s chicken manure composting unit operates through a structure that slowly advances on rails mounted on concrete walls, processing fresh manure through a scheduled cycle of approximately 40-48 days. During this process, the composting machine mixes, homogenizes, and aerates the manure, transforming it into compost, a high-quality natural fertilizer, free of artificial or chemical products, odorless, and with a moisture content of 15 to 20%.

Eco-friendly alternative for poultry waste management.

This technology not only offers an eco-friendly alternative for poultry waste management but also provides the opportunity to generate additional income through the sale of the produced compost, either in bulk or in retail packaging. In addition, the resulting compost can be pelletized, further expanding the marketing possibilities of the product.

Benefits of using Salmet’s composting unit.

The benefits of using Salmet’s chicken manure composting unit are multiple. From an agronomic perspective, compost improves soil fertility and provides a wide range of essential nutrients for crop growth. From an economic standpoint, it represents significant savings by reducing the costs associated with poultry waste management. In addition, its minimal odor impact and environmentally friendly approach make it a preferable option compared to other waste treatment methods.

They use the products manufactured in their own facilities.

At Salmet, they understand first-hand the needs of the poultry industry, as they not only design and produce equipment but also use the products manufactured in their own egg production facilities. This practical experience allows them to offer innovative and effective solutions that meet the demands of modern agriculture while contributing to environmental sustainability at the same time.

Salmet’s chicken manure composting unit is a valuable tool for poultry producers looking for a comprehensive solution for waste management, with the added benefit of generating additional income and contributing to environmental preservation. With Salmet, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve a balance between efficient production and respect for our planet.

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