Maximum efficiency on the farm: Discovering Moba egg graders.

At the core of the poultry industry, egg graders play a crucial role in ensuring quality and efficiency in production. Moba, with its series of low-volume graders like the Mobanette3, Moba68, and Moba88, has positioned itself as a key player in this chain, offering solutions that combine technology, durability, and exceptionally easy handling.

Moba’s precision in egg grading: Technology for farms of all sizes.

Moba’s precision in egg grading reveals a unique synergy between cutting-edge technology and the versatility required by small poultry farms, providing tools that not only enhance the quality and efficiency of production but also empower local producers to compete in an increasingly demanding market while maintaining sustainability and profitability.

At the heart of small poultry operations, Moba’s grading technology stands as a pillar of precision and reliability, offering farmers scalable solutions that adapt to their workflow, ensuring that even smaller-scale producers can benefit from the efficiency and technological innovation essential for thriving in today’s dynamic poultry industry.

The Mobanette3 emerges as an ideal solution for small-scale farms, highlighting its low energy consumption and ease of operation. Capable of grading up to 1600 eggs per hour into 4 or 7 categories, its compact design and low maintenance requirements make it a valuable ally for the modern farmer. Its tubular lamp is a window to quality, allowing detailed inspection of each egg during the candling process.

On the other hand, the Moba68 is the answer for those farms in a mid-range of production. With a capacity of 3000 eggs per hour, this grader easily adapts to farm needs, allowing a smooth transition between one or two-operator operations. Its stainless steel construction not only promises durability but also easy cleaning, essential features in a farm environment.

Finally, the Moba88 represents the next level in terms of low-volume graders, handling up to 4500 eggs per hour. Its high efficiency, requiring only two operators, and its compact structure, facilitate its integration into various workspaces. Like its smaller counterparts, the robustness of stainless steel and minimal maintenance required ensure that the Moba88 is a smart and lasting investment.

These graders not only reflect Moba’s commitment to innovation and quality but also demonstrate how technology can be accessible and tailored to different scales of poultry production. Moba, with its focus on reliability and efficiency, continues to strengthen its leadership in the global market, supporting farmers around the world in achieving their production goals with the highest profitability and sustainability.

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