Kohshin and its revolutionary VENUS 2.0 cage cleaner.

Kohshin Machinery is a company that has made its mark in the agricultural and livestock industry, masterfully merging manufacturing technology with fields as diverse as software, biology, and information technology. Its vision is not only focused on the present but looks towards an agricultural future enriched by innovation. Although modest in size, Kohshin has expanded its influence beyond the borders of Japan, reaching farmers in over 40 countries.

Innovation at the Service of Poultry Farming: VENUS 2.0

One of Kohshin’s star products is the VENUS 2.0 cage cleaner, specifically designed to address one of the biggest challenges in poultry farming: the efficient and safe cleaning of cages. Despite the vital importance of maintaining a hygienic environment, manual cage washing has historically been a laborious task that is time-consuming and poses risks to those who perform it. This is where VENUS 2.0 emerges as a revolutionary solution.

Features that make a difference.

VENUS 2.0 is not just an upgrade from a previous model; it’s the result of listening to the needs of the sector and adapting to them. Some of its most notable features include:

Versatility: Capable of cleaning cages up to 4 meters high and adapting to corridors of various widths, VENUS 2.0 shows unprecedented flexibility.

Intuitive Operation: Through a tablet, users can easily configure and operate the machine, storing cleaning patterns for future use.

Advanced Programming: Its software allows precise and rotating movements of the nozzle, ensuring thorough cleaning even in previously inaccessible areas.

Enhanced Safety: With larger diameter wheels, VENUS 2.0 prevents slipping and ensures continuous and stable operation.

Motor Precision: The adoption of a brushless DC motor ensures millimetric precision in positioning and washing.

High-Pressure Pump: Developed by Kohshin, this pump not only offers impressive maximum pressure but is also easy to maintain.

With VENUS 2.0, Kohshin not only offers a product; it offers a promise of efficiency, safety, and durability. This machine is a testament to Kohshin’s commitment to shaping the agricultural future, always looking for ways to perfect creation and offer solutions that truly make a difference in the day-to-day lives of livestock farmers around the world.

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