Egg Drop Syndrome EDS 76

What is Egg Drop Syndrome or EDS ?

Egg drop syndrome is a DISEASE caused by a virus and produces a great reduction in egg production and poor quality of the same and although it is transmitted by birds, the main reservoirs of the virus being ducks and geese and in In general, all ducks, with laying hens being very susceptible to this disease and which affects brown hens in greater quantity.

This virus was isolated for the first time in England in 1976 and treatment and vaccines with the inactivated virus began to be created.

The transmission between cages or sheds is carried out slowly, unlike the hens that are on the ground or aviaries, the contagion is usually caused by the chicken manure that, when in contact with other hens, achieves its transmission.

The 3 main symptoms, the most obvious being the change in color of the crest to a very pale color, a decrease in feed consumption and in some cases slight diarrhoea. The eggs will show us a loss of color in the brown eggs as well as an absent or very thin shell.

We recommend this video created by the ZUCAMI technical team.

Prevention / cure of posture drop syndrome.

Does not exist. The strategy is prevention and must be based on strict biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection of the equipment that is in contact with chicken manure and paying attention to the egg trays.

Vaccination before laying is important to prevent a drop in egg production.