Where Latin America comes together to shape the future of poultry farming.

In the vast and complex landscape of congresses and exhibitions related to the agri-food sector, the LPN Congress & Expo shines with its own intensity, emerging as a true gem of the American continent. This is not just any event: this exclusive congress has been meticulously conceived and designed with the leaders, innovators, and key decision-makers of the poultry and nutrition sectors in mind. But beyond being just a gathering of professionals, the LPN Congress & Expo represents a true congregation of the brightest, most visionary, and proactive minds in the field. These experts, coming from various corners of the continent, come together with the unified purpose of shaping, discussing, and molding the future of poultry and animal nutrition in Latin America, setting trends and charting the course for the next generations.








The grand event of Latin America.

With a vast exhibition hall that spans over 16,000 m2, the LPN Expo is not just a space for learning and updating but also a venue for synergy and networking. Leading companies in the poultry sector converge here to exchange experiences, discuss innovations, and most importantly, establish contacts that may be fundamental for their operations and growth.

Congress venue: Miami Airport Convention Center.

The choice of Miami as the venue for the congress is no coincidence. This city, with its geographical, cultural, and linguistic proximity to Latin America, presents itself as an ideal setting for the event. Moreover, Miami, with its rich blend of cultures and focus on global business, especially in finance, trade, and media, provides the perfect ambiance for this international congress.

Why Miami?

Miami is more than beaches and nightlife. It’s a global city, a melting pot of cultures, and a focal point in the realms of finance, trade, and media. The massive presence of the Latin community, coupled with its significance in entertainment, music, fashion, film, and performing arts, makes Miami an ideal nexus between North and South America. Additionally, the city is home to numerous headquarters of companies, banks, and television studios, offering a dynamic and conducive business landscape for events of this magnitude.

Social program: More than a congress.

It’s not all work and learning at the LPN Congress & Expo. The organization has arranged a range of social events that promise to enrich the experience of all attendees. From themed dinners, dances, and parties to tours of vibrant Miami, participants will have unparalleled opportunities to socialize, relax, and above all, strengthen their professional and personal ties.

A congress for industry leaders.

The LPN Congress & Expo is not for everyone. It is meticulously designed for high-caliber professionals: managers, production directors, veterinarians, zootechnical technicians, nutritionists, and consultants. Companies producing chickens, turkeys, laying farms, incubation plants, feed factories, and slaughtering/benefit plants will find in this event an unparalleled forum to project their voice and listen to industry leaders.

Without a doubt, the LPN Congress & Expo is the most anticipated poultry and animal nutrition event in Latin America. With Miami as the backdrop, this congress promises not only to inform and educate but also to inspire and connect all those who are an essential part of this constantly evolving industry. The invitation is open for all those looking to be part of the forefront in poultry and animal nutrition.

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