SKA Poultry Equipment: Innovation and Tradition in Poultry Farming.


Founded with deep Italian roots, SKA Poultry Equipment stands as a testament to dedication, excellence, and long-standing commitment in the poultry industry. For many decades, they have been a pivotal player, shaping the landscape of poultry farming with their cutting-edge tools and solutions. Their rich history isn’t just marked by the passage of time but is deeply enriched by continuous innovations, unwavering quality, and an unyielding passion. This passion is not just limited to product creation but extends to their commitment to provide superior and state-of-the-art solutions to poultry farmers across the globe. 

History and foundation of SKA.

Founded in Italy, SKA has been an integral part of the European poultry landscape. From its inception, it has been dedicated to understanding the needs of poultry farmers and providing solutions that are not only functional but also long-lasting and efficient.

Product range.

SKA Poultry Equipment is renowned for its wide range of products, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of modern poultry farming.

Feeding Systems: From automatic systems to more traditional solutions, SKA’s products stand out for their efficiency, minimizing food waste and ensuring uniform distribution.

Drinkers: Hydration is critical for bird health. SKA’s drinking systems are designed to ensure that birds have constant access to clean, fresh water.

Housing Solutions: Whether for free-range poultry farming or more controlled systems, SKA offers housing solutions that focus on animal welfare, maximizing space and allowing for a healthy environment.

Manure Management: Efficient manure management is essential to maintaining a hygienic environment. SKA’s systems are designed to facilitate the collection, storage, and disposal of manure.

Commitment to sustainability.

In modern times, where sustainability is a key concern, SKA has taken significant steps to ensure that their products are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. They focus on producing equipment that has a long lifespan, thus reducing the need for frequent replacement and minimizing waste.

Global presence.

Although rooted in Italy, SKA Poultry Equipment has expanded its presence into international markets. Due to its commitment to quality and innovation, it has earned the trust of poultry farmers across various continents.

Training and support.

One of SKA’s cornerstones is its commitment to education and ongoing support. They provide training for poultry farmers to ensure they can use the equipment optimally. In addition, their after-sales service ensures that customers have the necessary support throughout the product’s lifespan.

SKA Poultry Equipment is more than just a poultry equipment company. It embodies the confluence of tradition and innovation. Through decades of experience and a constant drive towards improvement, it has set new standards in the poultry industry, supporting poultry farmers in their mission to produce quality food sustainably and ethically. With a global presence and a rich legacy, SKA remains a preferred choice for many in poultry farming.

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