Innovation and efficiency in SALMET poultry systems.

SALMET has established itself as a global leader in providing advanced poultry systems, specifically designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of poultry producers. With a history spanning decades of innovation and excellence, SALMET not only ensures efficiency and productivity but also promotes sustainable and profitable practices within the poultry industry. Its commitment to quality and continuous improvement is reflected in the wide range of products and solutions it offers, adapting to different types of production and specific management needs.

Cage-free systems.

SALMET provides cage-free systems, such as aviaries and enriched systems, which optimize the environment for bird welfare. These solutions allow producers to choose the system that best fits their operations, ensuring both bird health and production efficiency.

Conventional laying systems.

For those who prefer traditional methods, SALMET’s conventional laying systems offer advantageous and reliable solutions. These systems are designed to maximize productivity and facilitate daily farm management.

Systems for light breeders.

SALMET has developed specific systems for light breeders, ensuring successful laying performance. These systems are optimized to ensure maximum efficiency and quality in egg production.

Colony system for broilers.

SALMET’s colony system for broilers offers a unique way to optimize production and reduce costs. This system is designed to improve production efficiency, ensuring healthy bird growth and efficient resource management.

Manure treatment.

Complementing its production systems, SALMET offers products for manure treatment that facilitate successful and sustainable poultry production. These products transform waste into valuable organic fertilizers, contributing to a more profitable and eco-friendly agricultural model.

SALMET offers a range of poultry systems designed to meet diverse producer needs, ensuring efficiency and productivity. Its cage-free systems, such as aviaries and enriched systems, optimize animal welfare and operational efficiency. Conventional laying systems provide traditional and effective solutions, while systems for light breeders ensure superior laying performance. Additionally, the colony system for broilers optimizes production and reduces costs. Complementing these systems, SALMET offers advanced products for manure treatment, transforming waste into organic fertilizers and promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. With its combination of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, SALMET continues to lead the transformation of the global poultry industry.

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