Innovative leader in egg processing technology.


Moba is a name that resonates with authority in the poultry industry. Founded in the picturesque town of Barneveld, in the Netherlands, in 1947 by Job Mosterd, the company has risen from its humble beginnings to become the global giant it is today. This journey has not just been one of growth and expansion, but also one of constant innovation and actively listening to the needs of its customers.

History and Foundation.

Moba did not emerge out of thin air; it was the dream and vision of one man, Job Mosterd, who, captivated by technology and with a clairvoyant vision of the future, built the first egg sorter. These machines, although they may seem simple in concept, require impressive precision and reliability, and it is this dedication to perfection that drove Mosterd and, by extension, Moba, to success.

The name “Moba” is a tribute to both the founder and the city where it originated, derived from “Mosterd” and “Barneveld“. But it’s not just a name; it represents a tradition of excellence and dedication, both to precision machinery and to the well-being of the employees who are an integral part of the company.

Innovation and Service.

Throughout its more than seven decades of existence, Moba has maintained its commitment to innovation. This is evident not only in the quality and precision of the machines it produces but also in the service it provides to its customers. Customer care and technical support are crucial aspects of Moba’s mantra. They understand that in a rapidly advancing world, availability and ongoing support are essential. Whether through a 24-hour helpline, on-site support, or certified replacement parts, Moba is determined to be the reliable partner that poultry companies need.

Moba’s approach is not limited to standard machines. They recognize that each customer is unique, with specific needs and challenges. Therefore, they have a specialized team for complex projects, ensuring that each solution is tailored and suitable for the client’s requirements. From the sales phase to implementation, Moba is involved at every stage, ensuring that the proposed solution is efficient and effective.

Moba, with its rich history and dedication to service and innovation, has proven to be more than a machinery company. It is a partner for the poultry industry, providing solutions that have raised and will continue to raise the standards of egg processing and sorting worldwide. In a constantly changing world, Moba remains steadfast in its commitment to being the reliable leader the industry needs.

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