Kohshin: Agricultural and livestock innovation.

Founded with a futuristic vision, Kohshin Machinery stands at the forefront of the agricultural and livestock technological revolution.

Merging traditional manufacturing expertise with the latest advancements in software, biology, and computing, Kohshin not only redefines efficiency but also sets the global standard in agribusiness production. From Japan to over 40 countries, our reputation is built on excellence, innovation, and a dedication to our customers worldwide.

Technological innovation for agriculture.

With an intrinsic desire to contribute to the sustainable future of agriculture, Kohshin has masterfully blended diverse areas such as software, biology, and information technology (IT). This amalgamation has produced robust solutions that address the real needs of the industry, offering solutions to age-old challenges and presenting a new way of viewing agriculture.

For instance, they have incorporated advancements in robotics, as well as customized applications that allow for more efficient farm management. A prime example is the Soilath® system, which has revolutionized agricultural monitoring and control by enabling farmers to oversee conditions like temperature and airflow of their crops directly from mobile devices.

Commitment beyond the sale.

Kohshin understands that the relationship with the customer doesn’t end with the delivery of a product. On the contrary, that’s just the beginning of a long-term commitment. This is evident in their after-sales service structure, ensuring a quick and effective response to emergencies or machinery issues.

Diversity and global vision.

With a presence in over 40 countries, Kohshin’s team consists of diverse talent including professionals from Ukraine, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and many more. This diversity not only bolsters their global reach but also enriches their product proposals and development with a broad and varied perspective on global agriculture and livestock.

Star products: Towards automated agriculture.

Kohshin hasn’t settled for being a mere spectator of the technological revolution. With products like the VENUS 2.0 cage cleaner, the company has taken significant strides in alleviating manual labor on farms. This machine, adaptable to various poultry farm types, is a testament to how technology can make life easier for farmers. Additionally, the OVOVENUS 1.0, specifically designed to clean egg conveyor belts, is another prime example of Kohshin’s dedication to efficiency and innovation.


Kohshin is a reflection of what can be achieved when a passion for agriculture is combined with technological innovation. Through their products and services, they demonstrate that the future of agriculture and livestock can be more efficient, sustainable, and, above all, in harmony with human and environmental needs. With companies like Kohshin leading the way, the agricultural future looks promising and full of boundless possibilities

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