Hog Slat: Leader in construction and equipment for swine and poultry production in the United States.

Hog Slat, Inc. stands out as the leading construction contractor and equipment manufacturer for swine production in the United States, directly employing approximately 1,000 people, in addition to having an additional team of 1,400 subcontractors working on the company’s construction projects. Hog Slat and its subsidiaries have carried out turnkey swine and poultry construction projects for both family farms and large corporate agricultural entities in the country.

Furthermore, Hog Slat offers equipment packages to those clients who choose to build their own facilities, both nationally and internationally. In addition to its construction services, the company maintains a network of over 90 retail stores distributed throughout the United States, providing a comprehensive selection of parts and equipment needed to support local pig and chicken producers’ operations.

The history of Hog Slat Inc. dates back to 1969 when Billy Herring, operating a full-cycle pig farm near Newton Grove, North Carolina, couldn’t find the appropriate flooring for the nursery he wanted to build. Leveraging his ingenuity and experience, he built his own slats. Other producers noticed the quality of his product and asked for help, giving rise to a small family business. Today, that business produces a full range of equipment for pig and poultry farming.

Hog Slat is headquartered in Newton Grove, North Carolina, with regional offices in Humboldt, Iowa, and Guymon, Oklahoma. The company’s poultry divisions operate under the names Georgia Poultry Equipment, Eastern Shore Poultry Services, and Shenandoah AG Supply.

Hog Slat, Inc. is a family business involved in many aspects of pig and poultry production, engaging in:

– Turnkey construction of modern confined swine and poultry production units.

– Manufacturing and distribution of swine and poultry production equipment.

– Live pig production through TDM Farms.

Hog Slat, Inc. manufactures a full line of equipment systems and components used in modern pig and poultry production facilities. Their equipment is used in pig farms, chicken farms, turkey farms, and other livestock breeding operations across the United States and abroad.

The swine, poultry, and livestock production equipment systems that Hog Slat manufactures and sells include:

– Feeding and watering systems.

– Climate control, heating, and ventilation systems.

– Steel grids for pigs, pens, birthing equipment, and pig handling.

– Concrete slab flooring systems, TriDEK steel floors, and plastic floors for pigs.

– Equipment for cattle and other farm animals.

Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest turnkey construction contractor in the construction of swine and poultry farms in six regions of the United States. Each region maintains a central administrative staff for purchasing, accounting, and managing projects with individual site supervisors at each farm, directing construction activities from start to finish.

Among the swine building construction projects completed by Hog Slat are:

– New constructions, expansions, and extensive remodels of:

        • Sow breeding/gestation/farrowing farms (individual and group designs).

        • Facilities for the development of young sows, multiplication, and boar studies.

        • Pig growth sites from weaning to finishing.

        • Pig nursery farms.

        • Finishing pig farms (deep and shallow pit designs).

– Projects for integrated company locations, cooperatives, and individual family farms.

With its extensive experience in all aspects of swine farm construction, from initial concrete foundation and pit work to slab installation, and finally, ventilation, feeding, and watering equipment installation, Hog Slat takes pride in delivering high-quality project results that pig producers can rely on for many years.