Management and control in the digital age with BigFarmNet.



In today’s digital era, farm management and control have undergone significant transformation. BigFarmNet emerges as a comprehensive solution addressing these modern needs, enabling more efficient, profitable, and secure farm management.

Digitalization: The bridge to innovation.

Digitalization is not just a passing trend but a powerful tool leading to innovation in various sectors, including agriculture. Since its inception in 2005, Big Dutchman recognized the potential of digitalization, and with its BigFarmNet system, has managed to consolidate this vision. With over 27,500 licenses sold globally, it not only reflects market confidence in the solution but also its ability to adapt and evolve according to the changing demands of the industry.

Benefits of BigFarmNet.

The strength of BigFarmNet lies in its ability to consolidate multiple functions into a single platform. Some of its key advantages include:

Total Integration: Combines all operations, from feeding to climate management, into one program.

Accessibility: Allows data entry from any device, whether a PC, smartphone, or directly in the shed.

Multilingual: Provides support in over 30 languages, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Safety and Precision: Minimizes the risk of errors thanks to its homogeneous interface and data centralization.

Process Optimization: Offers advanced tools to enhance production and reduce costs.

BigFarmNet in action.

One of the most impressive aspects of BigFarmNet is its ability to record and analyze data in real-time. From animal weight, water and feed consumption, to climate conditions and electricity consumption, everything is meticulously monitored and analyzed. This information is invaluable to foresee and prevent potential issues, ensuring animals thrive in optimal conditions and that the farm operates as efficiently as possible.

Direct shed control.

The ViperTouch controller is an essential tool in the BigFarmNet suite. Designed with a modern, user-friendly touch interface, it allows farmers to monitor and adjust various parameters, from feeding and growth to climate control and alarm management. Its intuitive design, accompanied by over 30 available languages, makes it an indispensable tool for farms of any size.

The BigFarmNet APP.

Mobility is crucial in the modern world, and BigFarmNet is no exception. With its dedicated app, farmers can manage and monitor their operations in real-time from anywhere. Whether adjusting feeding, modifying climate settings, or reviewing production history, the BigFarmNet app has got you covered.

BigFarmNet is not just a management system; it’s a revolution in how farms operate and evolve in the digital age. With its focus on integration, security, and optimization, it promises to take agricultural management to the next level, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for the industry.

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